About the Award

Inuit Language Recognition Award

An important part of Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit’s work an award program to recognize outstanding achievement by an organization, groups and/or individuals who are contributing to the development, promotion or protection of the Inuit Language.

The chair of Taiguusiliuqtiit presents the award at an official award ceremony, the date set by the board.

Eligibility Requirements

Those eligible for nomination include:

  • Resident of Nunavut
  • Department or agencies of the governments of Nunavut
  • Municipalities
  • Businesses
  • Non-profit organizations, including charities
  • Inuit and land claim organizations
  • Schools and District Education Authorities
  • Unions
  • Life time language promoters who have past
  • Other nominees as agreed to by the Selection Committee

Examples of the types of projects that may be eligible:

  • Projects that make it possible to use the Inuit Language where it couldn’t be used before;
  • Projects that improve the skills of adults or young people in speaking, reading or writing the Inuit Language;
  • Creation of new books, film or new media in the Inuit Language;
  • Projects that expand the use of the Inuit Language as a language of work;
  • Projects that expand the number or the quality of services in the Inuit Language.

Nominations will be judged according to:

  1. The impact they have on the ability of the people to communicate in the Inuit Language.
  2. The number of communities who have been impacted or who may be impacted by the change that has occurred.
  3. The creativity or innovation behind initiatives to promote the Inuit Language.

Members of the public and organizations can nominate anyone they feel is eligible. You can only nominate one person, either from one of the regions, schools or Nunavut-wide.