Winners 2019-2020

Arqnarulunnguaq Audlaluk

Arnarulunnguaq is a teacher in tiny multigrade school, grades k-3, I am very proud of how she speaks Inuktitut and never forgets to talk in Inuktitut. She has taught my 7 year old daughter that speaking Inuktitut is nothing to be shy of and Arna is proud of all her students for speaking our language.

She was born in Iqaluit and raised in Grise Fiord, she is proud to be raised with an Inuktut speaking household, in which she can both understand dialects. Her mom is originally from Cape Dorset and her father from Northern Quebec, Inukjuak. She is fond of different dialects as she met and made friends from all over Nunavut. She continues to speak Inuktitut and proudly, she thinks continuing to speak our language will keep it alive. She is proud of her students and grateful for the elders in her community for passing on their knowledge. She continues to strive to be as great as the ones who taught her language. 

Angeline Koomuk

Angeline was born in Arviat on February 18, 1959, her family move to Whale Cove when she was a child. Then she went back to Arviat back in 1966 and live in Arviat ever since. She went to school finish grade 9 at age 14. She started working with Social Services at young age, then working for the art center as finance clerk also she worked at Inummarilirijiit finance clerk.
She started interpreting at the Nursing station they need help with that to serve their local Inuit.
Only uses the Inuktitut language towards the students and staff to keep our language alive. She knows and uses IQ Principles all the time Creative sewing and teaching to the staff and students, respects other people.

Lorraine Puqiqnak

Lorraine lives in Gjoa Haven all her life started subbing is school mid 80’s on and off then started teaching Inukitut  in class late 90’s on and off started on 2016 started teaching fulltime up to today 
Lorraine is helping the students learn the Inuktitut Language via Guided Reading. She is teaching a class in Inuktitut. She is always modelling the language with them at different times. She teaches Art and focuses on the culture and artistic creations of the North.
During these Art classes, she speaks Inuktitut and encourages the students to reply similarly. She models the language when other speakers who know the language are present.

She is very dedicated to the language, culture and the students who surround her.